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      Born in China (G)

      Now playing | 1 hr, 19 min.

      Critic Review: ★★★ 3/4 stars

      Genre: Documentary

      From frigid mountains to the heart of the bamboo forest, filmmaker Lu Chuan follows the adventures of three animal familie... (read more)

      What the Critics Have to Say

      • Born in China

        Katie Walsh, Chicago Tribune

        "Born in China" is the latest installment in the "Disneynature" documentary series. It's "Planet Earth" aimed at younger audiences, but any nature lovers can find enjoyment here, especially in the stunning cinematography. While other installments have focused on specific species and eco-systems, "Born in China," directed by Lu Chuan, gets up close and personal with some of the unique species found in China -- pandas, snow leopards, cranes, Chiru antelop... (Read more)

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