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      Mudbound (R)

      Now playing | 2 hr, 14 min.

      Genre: Historical drama

      Laura McAllan is trying to raise her children on her husband's Mississippi Delta farm, a place she finds foreign and frigh... (read more)

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      • Mudbound

        Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

        "Mudbound" compacts a lot of story, handed off between no fewer than six narrators, into a little over two hours. So much of it works, with an unusually deft balance between its African-American and white characters, that you wish co-writer and director Dee Rees could stretch it out to a full three- or four-hour adaptation of Hillary Jordan's 2008 debut novel. But we have the "Mudbound" we have, and it really is something -- a vividly acted, dramatically rich depiction, ha... (Read more)

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