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      The Ottoman Lieutenant (R)

      Now playing | 1 hr, 50 min.

      Critic Review: ★★ ★★ 2/4 stars

      Genre: Historical drama, Romance, War

      A strong-willed woman, frustrated by ongoing injustice at home, leaves the United States after meeting Jude, an American d... (read more)

      What the Critics Have to Say

      • The Ottoman Lieutenant

        Dennis Harvey, Chicago Tribune

        Variety Joseph Ruben's "The Ottoman Lieutenant" offers a theoretically noble if B-grade and somewhat propagandistic attempt to shed light on a murky historical chapter -- while falling into a similar puddle of romance-novel cliches from which it can't get up. Less discriminating viewers jonesing for some old-fashioned costume hokum will get just that, but lack of critical support and marquee names should make the theatrical stay of this dusty slice of exotica a short one. Immediatel... (Read more)

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