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      The Spy Who Dumped Me poster image

      The Spy Who Dumped Me (R)

      Now playing | 1 hr, 56 min.

      Genre: Comedy, Action

      Best friends Audrey and Morgan are going about their humdrum lives in Los Angeles -- until Audrey's ex-boyfriend suddenly ... (read more)

      What the Critics Have to Say

      • The Spy Who Dumped Me

        Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

        "The Spy Who Dumped Me" gets by, barely, thanks mainly to Kate McKinnon. Her crazily fluid and unpredictable comic timing, and her willingness to go big -- well past Madeline Kahn-big and very near Eddie Cantor-big -- has saved several movies. She salvaged the "Ghostbusters" reboot, rescued parts of "Rough Night" and wrung what she could out of the damp rag "Office Christmas Party." Working with a game Mila Kunis, McKinnon takes care of this one, too, w... (Read more)

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